We are a community of landlords who independently manage their properties. We each have up to eight properties from residential apartments to garages, and offices in business centers.

In 2020, we decided to create a mobile application to make life easier for thousands of people. Most of us have a permanent job or own a small business, and with each newly purchased facility, it became more and more difficult for us to find time for our rental administration.

Purpose of Renta App

Our mission is to create the best platform for landlords that is always with them, in their pockets.

Key Functions of the Renta App

We focused on things that take the most time from landlords: reminders, income tracking, utility bills and tenant communication.

We started with simple functions — typed meter reading entries (like a notepad) and automated reminders for tenants. Now we have income tracking and reporting. Most users want to integrate Renta App with popular messaging apps, store data history, and view analytics relating to income and expenses. The same goes for automating the publication of rental ads on popular websites. These are the things we are focusing on next.

We can only achieve such improvements when we stick together, and each new user is bringing us closer to our goal!