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We are a community of landlords who independently manage their properties. Most of us have 1-2 apartments. Although some of us have 5 or even 8 real estate properties, from ordinary apartments to garages and offices in business centers.

In 2020, we decided to create a mobile application that makes life easier for thousands of people. Most of us have a permanent job or own a small business. With each newly purchased facility, it becomes more and more difficult for us to find time for administration procedures.

Purpose of Renta App

Our mission is to create the best platform for landlords, which is always with them, in their pocket.

Key Functions of the Renta App

We focus on things that take the most time from the landlord: utilities and communication with tenants.

We started with simple functions — typing of meter readings (like a notepad) and automated reminders for tenants. But our expectations are grandiose. In the near future, we will turn the Renta App into the best tool for paying utility bills. Most users want to integrate Renta App with all popular messengers, store history, and show analytics on income and expenses. The same goes for automating the publication of rental ads on popular websites.

We can achieve all such improvements only when we stick together. Each new user brings us closer to this goal.

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