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Best Rental Property Management Apps

Best Rental Property Management Apps
16 July 2022
4 min

Property management is a process that requires integrity and precision. This task is greatly simplified if people use digital products. By installing apartment apps, agents and brokers can effectively manage as many properties as possible. The same applies to landlords and tenants. Most of the advanced tools allow people to track various renting activities, including utility services. Let’s take a look at the top 5 products in this category.

TOP-5 Property Management Apps

The US property management and interdependent industries generate $100+ billion in annual revenue. In the EU, investment in this area is not lower. With so much volume in the real estate rental industry, it’s no wonder there are so many software solutions to look for apartments, communicate with tenants, and monitor the payment of utility bills for a specific property. Here are top-5 products that are worth your attention:

  1. Rental App. The best app for renting apartments and monitoring the process. It’s a new software that helps people respond to inquiries, attract and manage tenants, and keep track of all related costs and revenues. An ideal product for customer listings and property management. It runs on different platforms and devices and has an intuitive user interface.
  2. Innago. This company offers free tools for tenants and managers. This team built a vast ecosystem with different requests. With this rental property management app, users can keep records of the people living on the premises and track utility bills. Innago is for all types of real estate — student, residential or commercial premises.
  3. AppFolio. Available as software and as a service (SaaS), AppFolio is a cloud-based property tool. People who were looking for rental apps and opted for this digital product can manage all their objects at once without incidents and misunderstandings, even if they have more than 1000 on the list. Like other apps for apartment search, the AppFolio interface is intuitive for both residents and staff.  With this AI-based product, you have more time to focus on other important aspects of your business.
  4. Yardy. As a software development company, Yardi has been around for decades. This company was founded in the 1980s. Yardi Systems is a property management solution for different people — managers, agents, property owners, and brokers. This team is sure that apps to find an apartment must efficiently perform different operations — market research, property management, leasing, asset performance,  risk management, and more.
  5. RealPage. This digital product delivers a wide range of solutions for a multi-family property, retirement, commercial, single-family, and other real estate investments. One of the unique features is a business intelligence tool. It allows people to take control of accounting, and change the way they streamline operations.

As an alternative to an online tool, rental apps allow users to store and retrieve essential information. Such platforms are used by both companies and ordinary citizens to make communication and reporting easier. Each user has their own property requests and requirements regarding functionality. If you are an ordinary citizen, you definitely need a free app. In turn, business owners prefer to use more functional analogs when they monitor their property.

Key Findings

A property and rental management app is basically a cloud service that allows people to track accommodation, payments, insurance, maintenance, and reporting. If you install the RentalApp, you have no problems in this regard. Our team implements cutting-edge solutions when creating software for property monitoring. This is the reason tenants have no reason to complain. With us, any landlord saves time and money. Just install the best app to see how it works.

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