Will I have to Pay for Using Your App?

No, our product is free, no matter how many objects you want to add. But, to make up for the content of the Renta App, we add advertisements in the free version, and some advanced features are paid. People can remove all restrictions and ads by purchasing a subscription that costs like 1 cup of coffee.

Can I Use Your App If I Rent Out an Office, Garage, or Commercial Space?

Of course, the Renta application is a universal solution. We hope to live to see the day when land on Mars will also be rented out through the Renta App.

What Should I Do When I Have Several Tenants in One Leased Area?

We do not offer the ability to add multiple tenants to one property. One object, one tenant. If you own an office building, rent an apartment by room, or rent storage space in one large warehouse to multiple tenants, just create as many objects with the most relevant name as you need. For example Office 1, Office 2, Office 3. Room 1, Room 2, Room 3. Cell 1, Cell 2, Cell 3. Get creative!

Can I Get Your Demo Application to Make Sure Your Product is Right for Me?

Certainly! You can add as many properties and tenants as you want and use Renta App absolutely free.

If I Went Abroad But I Rent Out an Apartment in My Hometown, Can I Use Renta App?

We don't have any restrictions. You can download and use Renta App from anywhere in the world.

Any Other Questions?

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