How Much Do Property Managers Charge

How Much Do Property Managers Charge
22 July 2022
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The property operating costs of renting out real estate have an impact on the profits your business brings. Most investors, before they buy an apartment, scrupulously draw up a business plan. Most of them should anticipate the cost to hire a property manager and take into account the following calculation parameters:

  • Monthly taxes/fees
  • Insurance service rates
  • Rental management cost
  • Control & Marketing outgoings

In the same way that a manufacturing company contracts to pay for raw materials to produce real products, the operating costs of renting real estate include buying a house or apartment and equipping apartments with household appliances. An equally important expense is the property manager’s charge. Such a specialist will have to be hired by business owners who have at their disposal more than 5 real estate objects and are interested in effective management.

What are Management Fees

Real estate management relieves company owners of all administrative issues related to property taxes and utilities. The same goes for compiling and collecting rental invoices, overseeing overdue rent, and rate increases. This means that management fees for a rental property are fully justified. Although the opportunity to take a vacation depends on communication between the renter, the intermediary, and the owner of the property. Here are other responsibilities of such a specialist:

  • Periodic rent settlement with a specific property
  • On-time payments
  • Take care of any reminders (even calling the bailiff)
  • Expect payments with the permission of the landlord
  • Caring about a rent increase

A property manager is an intermediary who works on behalf of the homeowner. The responsibilities of such a person include financial and technical management. After paying property managers’ fees, people are completely relieved of the burden, and they do not need to worry about real estate and the timeliness of payments. Salary is based on experience and hours of work.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Property Manager?

If people hire intermediaries to entrust them with various routine tasks, they do not want to overwork. They will have to look through 5-10 proposals before choosing the best applicant. Property managers’ cost depends not only on the number and type of apartments. Here is the payroll structure:

  • Monitoring of repair work, complaints, and faults
  • Carrying out (periodic) inspections and drawing up inspection reports with a specific property
  • Conclusion of contracts for the provision of services with suppliers (gas, electricity, water, etc.).

The specialist you hire will be responsible for the comfort and on-time payments. When we are talking about typical fees for property management, we are definitely going beyond a leaky faucet. If business owners have an apartment in large residential complexes, there are 10+ suppliers with whom it is necessary to keep contracts.

What Percentage Do Property Managers Charge

Rental operating and standard property management costs incurred in connection with the ownership of an investment property cannot be passed on to tenants. This is the main expense for many investors. In most cases, they rely on intermediaries who ask for a percentage of the rent. Such cooperation is especially beneficial for business growth in large cities. The property manager rate depends on the type of building. Business localization is also important.

Technical management includes several areas of responsibility — fire safety, maintenance, facility, and energy management. Your intermediary who asks the property management percentage will ensure that cooperation with renters complies with applicable laws and regulations. In any case, the salary of the intermediary should not exceed 20-30% of your income from the rental business.

What Percentage Do Property Management Companies Take

It is important for investors to know what costs cannot be passed on to the tenant. Not only because it generates a higher return but also due external financiers (such as banks) consider the net rent stream when evaluating investment financing. In this regard, the property management commission can reach 5 parts of the income, which greatly affects the return on investment. Here are 2 main parameters:

  • The ratio between funding and service cost (Loan-to-Value or LTV)
  • Difference between financing and net rent flow (loan coverage or LLD)

Most expenses have a direct impact on LLD as the net rent flow arises from the gross rent flow minus operation spending. To clarify the annual costs, you can calculate with the average property manager fee. It is often reported as a percentage of gross rental income and ranges from 7.5% to 20%. For a more accurate determination of the parameters, you can use the online calculator.

Key Findings

If operating costs are carefully controlled, this will contribute to a return on investment. So enthusiasts who want to start their own rental business always scrupulously review the property manager’s price. Conversely, the lack of a good understanding of these costs means that the cash flows from the investment are lower. For commercial real estate and leasing, this is especially important.

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