How to Choose Tenants

How to Choose Tenants
5 October 2022
13 min

How to Choose Tenants? And can a landlord pick and choose tenants? Each landlord has his criteria for choosing to find good tenants. Some people would never rent to single guys or men, some are negatively disposed against couples with pets, and some are not willing to accept students. What they all have in common is the desire to choose investment a keep good tenants and not have unnecessary headaches.

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1. Set the Right Rental Criteria

Be sure to specify that the landlord rents the apartment. This will increase the landlord’s number of calls and interest in your property. No one wants to overpay for a realtor, and start looking for an offer only without an intermediary.

The exact location of the house, the condition of the leased apartment, the availability of furniture and appliances, the conditions of payment for rent, utilities, the amount of the deposit – all this should be stated in detail in the text of the ad.

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2. Create an Online Rental Listing That Sets Expectations

Be sure to take and post informative pictures of rooms, kitchen, bathroom, and hallway. Requirements for choose tenants should also be sure to list. Who do you want to see as vet tenants?
For example, the apartment is for a couple with or without children, students, girls, and boys.  Is it possible to move in with pets, is it possible to register? How often will you visit?
Can live in your apartment foreigners or suitable only for locals – it is also desirable to specify in the ad. The more details you have, the fewer people will call you who you do not want to see living in your apartment.

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3. Follow the Law

A rental agreement is a document that specifies the rights and responsibilities of the parties. Treat it as responsibly as possible:

  • Include in the contract all the information that helps identify the get good tenants: his passport data and TIN
  • Write down on what terms you are renting the apartment. For example, you expect to get the rent no later than the 5th day of each month, and a delay will be fraught with penalties
  • State that the tenant has no right to be registered in the apartment. This is important so that there are no problems if you suddenly want to terminate the contract and ask the residents to vacate the apartment. For example, you can evict a minor child registered in the apartment only by court order
  • Add to the contract a complete list of furniture and appliances in the apartment, as well as photos of the housing, which reflect its condition. Then you’ll have proof if the pick a good tenant damage anything – and won’t want to admit fault
  • Specify under what conditions you have the right to say goodbye to the tenant – for example, if there is a delay in payment of more than two weeks.

4. Choose a Tenant With Good Credit

Generally, a renter’s annual revenue should exceed 35 to 50 times their monthly rent. If that is not assured, the bonuses do not factor in the income calculation credit. Typically, the income can be combined between the two choose tenants.

If renters do not qualify for the income guidelines, a surety may need to be a surety if the Landlord allows it, and income guidelines for surety agents are twice the requirements for the surety agents. Typically, the guarantors’ income can combine, and as many as two guarantors are permitted per unit. If a tenant does have a guarantor, some landlords choose tenants that may permit the use of an insured who is the guarantor of the single charge.

5. Perform a Criminal Background Check

The landlord-tenant selection criteria also include criminal liability issues. You can find such information with the help of such documents:
Check at the registries. Registry of Debtors – This is where you can find out if a prospective tenant has been declared bankrupt.
Solus registry. Solus is an association of legal entities that unites well-known service providers (telephone companies, banks, other financial institutions, insurance companies, energy suppliers, etc.).

Only the prospective tenant can get this certificate in person. You, just the landlord, cannot do it for him. However, you may make this request together.

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6. Look at the tenant’s Rental History

If you want to avoid contact with an unscrupulous tenant, you should check the tenant’s rental history. You can do this by using special resources that run a database of choose tenants and their most recent rentals. On the same resources, choose tenants or realtors to leave their reviews about the person.

7. Choose a Tenant Who Is Stable

The biggest problems with a tenant are in choosing that tenant incorrectly. It is much easier to prevent problems than to fix them.
I would venture to guess that 80-90% of the problems with choose tenants already appear at the very beginning at the time of the wrong choice.
That’s why candidates need to be thoroughly vetted. But most landlords never do that, often choosing a tenant based on personal sympathy, sometimes asking about the profession, number screening of family members, the reason for looking for a new home and that’s the end of the check.

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Get to Know the Applicant at the Property Showing

The first conversation with your tenant will help you understand a lot if you listen carefully and pay attention to all the nuances. Pay attention to the person’s communication style: rude behavior or attempts to dictate the terms should alert you.

The neat appearance of the person, his interest in the apartment, and the condition of appliances and furniture indicate that it is important for him. There is a high probability that he will pay close attention to cleanliness. Good tenants for rental property signs are the future tenant who has closely examined the condition of the apartment and wants to sign an Acceptance Act. This document protects both parties from unfounded mutual claims.

Learn What to Look for in a Rental Application

When drafting a rental agreement between a tenant and a landlord, it is important to make sure that the personal information of the tenant is accurate. It is important that this information is true and corresponds to what is stated in the identification document (passport). It is also important to give the right cell phone number since it is one of the main ways of keeping in touch between the tenant and the get a landlord to choose you after the rental application apart from face-to-face meetings.

Contact Employers to Verify Income

If it’s important to you that your tenant pays his rent periodically and on time, you can ask for contact information for his official job. If they are not officially employed, only unofficially, you may ask for a pay stub for the last six months, which you can find the right tenant through the tax office.

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Find Out About Past Behavior from Prior Landlords

Every landlord needs to get responsible and choose tenants for their housing. You can track tenant behavior from a face-to-face meeting, but often face-to-face meetings will not provide a complete picture of behavior. Then, it is important to check with past landlords who the person has previously rented from.

8. Maximum of Two People Per Bedroom

If you have a fresh and expensive renovation, it is better to take a married couple without children. There will be fewer problems. If the repairs were made a long time ago, it does not matter – you can and with children and dogs, but with an increased deposit.

Children of school age cause less hassle, so they are more willing to take an apartment. So a family with a school-age child is an option.
The adult process of working with people with local registration or those who come to work from another region is the least problematic to choose tenants. You can have a couple of friends or girlfriends. They usually work and only come home in the evening to rest and sleep.

If you are renting, for example, a one-room apartment, it is best to put a married couple in it. Preferably with local registration. In our opinion, this is the most problem-free option.

If the apartment has two rooms, you may invite a couple of friends or acquaintances. If the apartment has three rooms, it will probably being either friends or a large family with children.

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9. Trust Your Instincts

Many people suppress their intuition and trust only the facts, thus missing important signals. And in vain! Pay attention to the impression that the potential tenant leaves behind. Listen to yourself – is this person sympathetic to you? Is their presence not unpleasant to you? Listen to your inner voice about choose tenants that will tell you if you should continue negotiations with this person or end them as soon as possible.

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10. Learn Proper Reasons to Accept or Deny a Tenant

Any find a good tenant tips or reasons for rejecting or accepting a tenant should be spelled out in a formal agreement between the tenant and the landlord. You should spell out for yourself what you would never tolerate in a perfect tenant and what you personally consider to be the key attributes of accepting a tenant in a rental home.
It could be the bad tenant’s lifestyle, for example, abusing alcohol or smoking substances or not having enough income to cover the rent or utilities.

Manage Your Rental Property With Renta App

One of Rental App the greatest advantages is that you can gather all the information you need about your tenant – personal details, conditions, check-in date, payment, and contact details – in one tab.

With Rental App, you can get clear information about a specific rental property with a single click. By storing market all the data in one place, the landlord is sure not to forget the day of settlement and payments. The same goes for recording utility bills or rental termination data.

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