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How to Screen Tenants

How to Screen Tenants
24 July 2022
3 min

A renter inspection is a procedure that, upon successful completion, provides the landlord with key information — criminal liability, accommodation tracking, financial, and rental history of potential lodgers. People can use different services that make this task easier. But, in this case, tenant screening is a paid service. If you want to save money just use our app.

What is a Tenant Screening & Why Such a Procedure is Important

When concluding another contract, people want to avoid violating their rights. But the rental property screening process is an important safety argument. So the apartment owner is trying to get detailed information. If people prefer digital products, before compiling a tenant verification report, the system analyzes the financial and rental payments of potential candidates and sends a file with an itemized statement. The procedure includes checking various complaints or misunderstandings, eviction incidents, and tenants’ criminal records.

How to Screen Tenants for Rental Property

Certification of documents and clarification of information is an important step for anyone who wants to conclude a long-term contract. When people talk about screening rental applicants, they refer to the various criteria and actions taken by the landlord to get detailed data about the applicant. If you do not use digital solutions and checks, it may take 2-3 weeks. The purpose of the tenant screening process is to exclude applicants who are at greater risk of default, property damage, or eviction. If you use the Rental App application, you may get and store the following renter data:

  1. A short free interview
  2. An eviction history
  3. Proof of prospective income
  4. A credit check
  5. 2-3 employer references

How to Check Tenants Legally

Be aware that it is illegal in some cities to find managers to check a tenant. Such nuances should be taken into account before the conclusion of each new rental transaction. With us, any misunderstandings with tenant applications for a rental property are excluded. We can help business owners and ordinary citizens get references from employers or landlords.

Service Cost

In general, the fee for screening potential tenants varies from $50 to $100 but the cost varies by location due to laws and conditions. It is important to consider that documents must be accredited by legal organizations like FCRA.

Batch reporting makes this procedure less costly, especially for business owners. Such people often apply for multiple contracts and must pay fees with each approval of an additional contract and referral to a screened tenant. With online tools and advanced solutions, people save money and time.

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