How To Use Rental Application

How To Use Rental Application
20 July 2022
4 min

RentalApp is an innovative software with 2 functions — a tenant and an apartment owner panel. We have created the best ecosystem for those who want to store information and send to approve any changes to a property lease agreement without misunderstanding. With us, you don’t waste your time.

Step 1 —  Downloading the Rental Application

Due to the cutting-edge innovations that we have implemented, people can send any apartment rental receipt with 2-3 clicks, report a broken home appliance, or enter a meter reading. The renting process has never been so easy. Through our application, users can also sort the list of apartments, tenants, and contracts. When the tenant does not pay, the Rental App application sends a reminder. Just click on the Download button to get the file and start the installation.

Step 2 — Adding Property and Landlord

With our application, it will be easier for tenants to file complaints or report dampness and mold. To do this, people do not have to wait a month for a meeting with the owner of the apartment. Just send a photo and wait for a response. Our goal is to help you find the best and safest accommodation. The flexibility and versatility of the rental apartment platform are what puts us ahead of the competition. To start working with the application and activate all the functions, you should create directories for apartments and tenants. Just click the Create button and fill in the details.

Step 3 — Uploading & Sorting Reports in Rental App

If you have an apartment and don’t want to bother with real estate leasing or rental supervision, it’s worth using the functionality of our platform. We will help you collect all the most important information about your home in one place. With our free rental product, people can download a completed, signed lease agreement, utility bill reports, potential tenant screening checklist, tenant liability insurance, and more. No routine and unnecessary functions or additional fees. Our main mission is to simplify the process of renting an apartment. Here are the main features of the platform:

  • The ability to control the apartment leasing process
  • Quick sorting of apartments and landlords in a rental application
  • Configuring automatic reminders about the rental fee
  • The ability to find out the difference between 2-3 apartment renters in 1 click

Install Our Free App Now and Make Your Apartment Management Easier

We offer only the best innovative solutions. For landlords, the application is a complete management system. Just use our ecosystem to control the entire rental apartment process — monitoring profits, changing the conditions for renting a dwelling, registering claims for a specific house.

The rental application also helps to check if fire safety laws and regulations are followed, just ask for photo confirmation. This works well for the commercial real estate apartment process. Evaluate the functionality of our product now by downloading and installing the application.

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