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24 July 20223 min
A renter inspection is a procedure that, upon successful completion, provides the landlord with key information — criminal liability, ac ...
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22 July 20226 min
The property operating costs of renting out real estate have an impact on the profits your business brings. Most investors, before they ...
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20 July 20224 min
RentalApp is an innovative software with 2 functions — a tenant and an apartment owner panel. We have created the best ecosystem for tho ...
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19 July 20224 min
Renting an apartment may seem a mere formality for many people. Most enthusiasts who don't use the application are sure, it’s enough to ...
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16 July 20224 min
Property management is a process that requires integrity and precision. This task is greatly simplified if people use digital products. ...
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26 June 20225 min
The statement of rent payment is essential for reporting, monitoring, and implementing investment strategies. With digital rental produc ...
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24 June 20228 min
If enterprising citizens rent out an apartment in Texas, California, or another US state, they are required by law to pay income tax. In ...
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23 June 20226 min
Most owners of a property in different cities are sure that a reasonable rent increase is not the only way for those who want to make mo ...
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22 June 20225 min
Landlords who rent out their apartments can raise the rates. US law imposes claims on such doing and payments charged to the tenant. Thi ...
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