What Is The Difference Between a Lease and a Rental Agreement

What Is The Difference Between a Lease and a Rental Agreement
2 June 2022
3 min

Thousands of people who start their studies move to another city and have to find a new apartment to lease. If students or tourists do not have a family home, they rent a hostel or house with friends.

Procedures that are included in a lease agreement always describe the responsibilities of such tenants, but people miss important nuances. Beginners should consider that the owner of the property(legal lessee) can offer 2 types of documents — leasing and rental. Let’s look at this in more detail.

What is Leasing & Rental Agreement

Beginners should know is rent the same as the lease? Often such terms are used permutable and mean the same thing. Most conditions can apply to 3 different types of contracts:

  • Month-to-month rental that’s ideal for people who don’t want to commit to renting out for a full year. As a rule, a document is preferred by owners of commercial real estate.
  • Lease agreements that differ by the state include all common clauses.  An agreement can be used for a house, duplex,  studio, townhouse, basement,  condo, apartment,  or mobile home. This is the best option for landlords.
  • Short-term agreement (usually between 1–31 days) — for tourists and people who are frequently seconded to different cities. The conditions indicate the total cost of rent, without additional calculation of utilities.


As a rule, one of the parties cannot change the terms without agreement. Such nuances are key for every newcomer who has not decided whether to choose to rent or lease. With a well-thought-out document, people can prevent mishaps.

Difference & Comparison

Legally savvy persons typically compare rental vs leasing, they want to conclude an agreement on 100% favorable terms. They must clearly and accurately specify the tenant and landlord expectations. Each part should be described in detail — about pet policy, and the duration of the agreement. Experienced landlords are sure that they know everything, whether they manage real estate or rent one apartment as an additional income. Although, if enthusiasts dig deeper, they can conclude that the definition of terms is ambiguous. So, before entering into any contract, carefully read the document. If we are talking about a key difference between rental and lease, we must consider the following:

Lease agreement Rent
Entering into a contract Yes No
Agreement Period Long term Short time
Accounting standards AS-19 No particular standard
Parties Lessor and lessee Tenant or Landlord


Of course, any tenant contract differs from concluded  6+ months agreements. Some people include requirements about pets, while other landlords emphasize excessive noise. In general, rent versus lease contains the standard number of pips. To prevent misunderstandings, use ready-made solutions like the Rentaapp.net app. With digital products, you can save time and money with your next agreement lease.

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